Oct 06


Welcome to FlyingVs.com.

Over 500 gigs. 100+ venues. Nearly a thousand bands. Rock on.

I have been going to gigs for over 40 years, and when sober enough I have kept all the tickets and set lists.

Here they are in one place. If you like a bit of archiving, you can search by band or venue and see if you were there.

The Sex Pistols for £1.75 anyone? Extraordinary stuff.

To celebrate what can happen when you go out to listen to live music, check out this YouTube clip. I went out to see Diesel Park West at the Half Moon in Putney, discovered the bassist was ill, and ending up filling in: LIKE PRINCES DO. You never know….

I was asked back for the encore:



And here is an old blast of me playing Rocky Mountain Way at the Half Moon in Putney, courtesy of Preston…

Rock on, and let me know your experiences.

On the blues front, it was good to be featured in the same set list as Bonnie Raitt and Mose Allison

And here is my band Fastback, showing how a Flying V should really be used.

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/u9acLCrEhsg”]

Jun 17


Date: June 16 2017

Venue: Roundhouse

Price: £35.00



Animation/Of One Skin/Melancholy Soldiers/Thanatos/Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)/Working For The Yankee Dollar/The Saints Are Coming/Scared To Dance/Charles/The Olympian/Out Of Town/Hurry On Boys/A Woman In Winter/Circus Games/Masquerade/Into The Valley/Charade/TV Stars/A World On Fire/Of One Skin



News at Ten/Prisoners/One Of My Dreams/Trains/Letter From Hiro/Jimmie Jones/Waiting For The Weekend/Turning Japanese/Bunkers/Here Comes the Judge

Jun 12


Date: June 11 2017

Venue: Indigo 2

Price: £33.50

Fresh/Tonight/Too Hot/Joanna/Funky Stuff/Jungle Boogie/Hollywood Swingin’/Summer Madness/Cherish/Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)/Let’s Go Dancin’ (Ooh, La, La, La)/Ladies’ Night/Sexy (Where’d You Get Yours)/Get Down On It/Celebration

May 13


Date: May 12 2017

Venue: Borderline

Price: £17.50

Half the Truth/Can’t Lose ‘Em All/Mahalo/No Woman, No Cry/Find Ourselves/Checkin’ On My Baby/Left My Heart In Memphis/Could Get Dangerous/I’ll Be Around/Midnight Lake Michigan/Mary Jane’s Last Dance/Galaxies

Mar 29


Date: March 28 2017

Venue: Roundhouse

Price: £24.00

Fire In The Hole/Six Ways To Sunday/Good One Comin’ On/Crimson Moon/Waiting For The Thunder/Rock And Roll Again/Pretty Little Lie/Let It Burn/Sleeping Dogs/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Mountain Jam/Starship Trooper/Shakin’ Hands With Holy Ghost/The Whippoorwill/Up In Smoke/Ain’t Got The Blues/Payback’s A Bitch/Free On The Wing/Restless/One Horse Town/Like An Arrow/Street Fighting Man/What Comes Naturally/Ain’t Much Left Of Me/Three Little Birds


Restless Hearts/Low Lives In High Definition/Gypsy Rose/Hallucination Generation/Going Back To Georgia/So Many Nights/Stone Cold Love/Heart Fulla Rock N Roll/1975



Mar 21


Date: March 20 2017

Venue: Union Chapel

Price: £37.50

Relating To A Psychopath/Why Didn’t You Call Me/Do Something/Caligula/Creep/?/Annabelle/She Ain’t Right For You/Que Sera/Sweet Baby/Sexual Revolution/Do Ya Think I’m Sexy/Beauty In The World/I Try/The Heart/My Way

Mar 18


Date: March 17 2017

Venue: Kentish Town Forum

Price: £26.00

Heavy Fire/Bloodshot/The Killer Instinct/Dancing With the Wrong Girl/Soldierstown/Hey Judas/When the Night Comes In/Cold War Love/All Hell Breaks Loose/The Boys Are Back in Town/Hoodoo Voodoo/Who Rides the Tiger/Blindsided/Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed/Testify or Say Goodbye/Kingdom of the Lost/Bound for Glory/Finest Hour


Let It Shine/Word Up!/Don’t Say It’s Over/Better Days/She Knows/Steal Your Fire/Shame on You


Mar 04


Date: March 3 2017

Venue: Roundhouse

Price: £24.00

Surrender Under Protest/Darkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn/Uncle Frank/Ronnie And Neil/Kinky Hypocrite/The Living Bubba/Sounds Better In The Song/Guns of Umpqua/Ramon Casiano/Sink Hole/Women Without Whiskey/Ever South/Made Up English Oceans/The Righteous Path/Filthy and Fried/Where The Devil Don’t Stay/Gravity’s Gone/Lookout Mountain/Girls Who Smoke/What It Means/Once They Banned Imagine/Let There Be Rock/Zip City/Hell No, I Ain’t Happy/Rockin’ In The Free World

Feb 27


Date: Feb 26 2017

Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Price: £20.00

I’m In Love/Radio/Hold On/It’s All In My Mind/Thin Air/Verisimilitude/The Darkest Part Of The Night/Don’t Look Back/My Uptight Life/The First Sight/Dumb Dumb Dumb/About You/I Need Direction/Did I Say/Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From/Ain’t That Enough/I Don’t Want Control Of You/Sparky’s Dream
The Concept/Going Places/I Was Beautiful When I Was Alive/Star Sign/Everything Flows

Thanks Rosie! x


Feb 07


Date: February 6 2017

Venue: Dingwalls

Price: £19.25

In This Diary/Unopened Letter to the World/The Hero Dies In This One/Your Boyfriend Sucks

Boxcar/Summer ’79/Some Notes On Bach And Haydn/San Dimas High School Football Rules/The Saddest Song

All Souls’ Day/The Boys of Summer/They Live, We Sleep/Eight Of Nine/So Long, Astoria


Dec 24


Date: December 23 2016

Venue: Indigo2

Price: £25.00


Everybody Wants To Rule The World/Wide Boy/Don Quixote/Wings/Call Me/Faithful/The One And Only/Have A Nice Life/Dancing Girls/Hold Back The River/I Want To Hear It From You/Tracks Of My Tears/Crazy/The Sky’s The Limit/When A Heart Beats/The Riddle/SOS/Black And Gold/Don’t Look Down/Would I Lie to You?/Wouldn’t It Be Good?/We Close Our Eyes/I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me/King Of Wishful Thinking/Sex On Fire

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