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Jun 17


Date: June 16 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £35.00   THE SKIDS Animation/Of One Skin/Melancholy Soldiers/Thanatos/Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)/Working For The Yankee Dollar/The Saints Are Coming/Scared To Dance/Charles/The Olympian/Out Of Town/Hurry On Boys/A Woman In Winter/Circus Games/Masquerade/Into The Valley/Charade/TV Stars/A World On Fire/Of One Skin   THE VAPORS News at Ten/Prisoners/One Of My …

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Jun 12


Date: June 11 2017 Venue: Indigo 2 Price: £33.50 Fresh/Tonight/Too Hot/Joanna/Funky Stuff/Jungle Boogie/Hollywood Swingin’/Summer Madness/Cherish/Take My Heart (You Can Have It If You Want It)/Let’s Go Dancin’ (Ooh, La, La, La)/Ladies’ Night/Sexy (Where’d You Get Yours)/Get Down On It/Celebration

May 13


Date: May 12 2017 Venue: Borderline Price: £17.50 Half the Truth/Can’t Lose ‘Em All/Mahalo/No Woman, No Cry/Find Ourselves/Checkin’ On My Baby/Left My Heart In Memphis/Could Get Dangerous/I’ll Be Around/Midnight Lake Michigan/Mary Jane’s Last Dance/Galaxies

Mar 29


Date: March 28 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £24.00 Fire In The Hole/Six Ways To Sunday/Good One Comin’ On/Crimson Moon/Waiting For The Thunder/Rock And Roll Again/Pretty Little Lie/Let It Burn/Sleeping Dogs/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Mountain Jam/Starship Trooper/Shakin’ Hands With Holy Ghost/The Whippoorwill/Up In Smoke/Ain’t Got The Blues/Payback’s A Bitch/Free On The Wing/Restless/One Horse Town/Like An Arrow/Street …

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Mar 21


Date: March 20 2017 Venue: Union Chapel Price: £37.50 Relating To A Psychopath/Why Didn’t You Call Me/Do Something/Caligula/Creep/?/Annabelle/She Ain’t Right For You/Que Sera/Sweet Baby/Sexual Revolution/Do Ya Think I’m Sexy/Beauty In The World/I Try/The Heart/My Way

Mar 18


Date: March 17 2017 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £26.00 Heavy Fire/Bloodshot/The Killer Instinct/Dancing With the Wrong Girl/Soldierstown/Hey Judas/When the Night Comes In/Cold War Love/All Hell Breaks Loose/The Boys Are Back in Town/Hoodoo Voodoo/Who Rides the Tiger/Blindsided/Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed/Testify or Say Goodbye/Kingdom of the Lost/Bound for Glory/Finest Hour GUN Let It …

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Mar 04


Date: March 3 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £24.00 Surrender Under Protest/Darkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn/Uncle Frank/Ronnie And Neil/Kinky Hypocrite/The Living Bubba/Sounds Better In The Song/Guns of Umpqua/Ramon Casiano/Sink Hole/Women Without Whiskey/Ever South/Made Up English Oceans/The Righteous Path/Filthy and Fried/Where The Devil Don’t Stay/Gravity’s Gone/Lookout Mountain/Girls Who Smoke/What It Means/Once They Banned Imagine/Let There …

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Feb 27


Date: Feb 26 2017 Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire Price: £20.00 I’m In Love/Radio/Hold On/It’s All In My Mind/Thin Air/Verisimilitude/The Darkest Part Of The Night/Don’t Look Back/My Uptight Life/The First Sight/Dumb Dumb Dumb/About You/I Need Direction/Did I Say/Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From/Ain’t That Enough/I Don’t Want Control Of You/Sparky’s Dream The Concept/Going …

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Feb 07


Date: February 6 2017 Venue: Dingwalls Price: £19.25 In This Diary/Unopened Letter to the World/The Hero Dies In This One/Your Boyfriend Sucks Boxcar/Summer ’79/Some Notes On Bach And Haydn/San Dimas High School Football Rules/The Saddest Song All Souls’ Day/The Boys of Summer/They Live, We Sleep/Eight Of Nine/So Long, Astoria  

Dec 24


Date: December 23 2016 Venue: Indigo2 Price: £25.00   Everybody Wants To Rule The World/Wide Boy/Don Quixote/Wings/Call Me/Faithful/The One And Only/Have A Nice Life/Dancing Girls/Hold Back The River/I Want To Hear It From You/Tracks Of My Tears/Crazy/The Sky’s The Limit/When A Heart Beats/The Riddle/SOS/Black And Gold/Don’t Look Down/Would I Lie to You?/Wouldn’t It Be Good?/We …

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