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the motors

DATE: December 23, 1977 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Bring in the morning light, Freeze, Cold love, You beat the hell out of me, Be what you gotta be, Emergency, Dancing the night away, Phoney heaven, Encore: Whisky and Wine, Sweet Little Rock n’Roller Support: Bazoomi’s Summertime Blues, Bundle, Pusher, Hot Stations, Rabies


boomtown rats

DATE: December 17, 1977 PLACE: Rainbow, Finsbury Park PRICE: £2.00 Neon Heart, Don’t believe what you read, Joey, Do the Rat, Mary of the 4th Form, Looking after no.1, Born to burn, Close as you’ll ever be, Never bite the hand that feeds, Feel so strange, kicks, She’s so modern, Barefootin’ The Yachts Hypnotising lies, …

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DATE: December 9, 1977 PLACE: Brunel University, Uxbridge PRICE: 80p Smile, One night In Texas, Livewire, Take A Life, Houdini, Stone Free, Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before, Percy the Pimp, How Could I Forget You? Support: Strife Shockproof, School, Feels so good, You don’t know, Number one, Back streets of heaven, Indian Dream


sex pistols

DATE: December 16, 1977 PLACE: Brunel University, Uxbridge PRICE: £1.75 God Save The Queen/I Wanna Be Me/New York/Seventeen/EMI/Holidays In The Sun/Bodies/Belsen Is A Gas/Submission/Pretty Vacant/No Feelings/Problems/Anarchy In The UK/No Fun/Liar, God Save The Queen Blistering, snarling first tour. A roadie played Sid’s bass lines from behind a curtain. Best gig ever – see Top Ten. …

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DATE: November 3, 1977 PLACE: Rainbow, Finsbury Park PRICE: £2.50 Octave Doctors, All Too Much, Radio, Aftaglid, Solar Musick Suite, Light In The Sky, Electric Gypsies, Salmon Song, Motivation, Saucer Surfing, Searching for the Spark Support: Glen Phillips


steve hillage

DATE: March 26, 1977 PLACE: Rainbow, Finsbury Park PRICE: £2.50 Salmon Song, Hurdy Gurdy Glissando, Solar Musick Suite, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Lunar Musick Suite, Echo Improvisation, It’s all too much, Electrick Gypsies, Not fade away Support: Paul Brett (12-string guitarist)


DATE: June 4, 1977 PLACE: Hammersmith Odeon PRICE: £2.00 Bastille Day/Anthem/Lakeside Park/2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Soliloquy/Grand Finale/Something For Nothing/By-Tor And The Snow Dog/The Necromaniac/Zanadu/Working Man/Finding My way/Fly By Night/In The Mood/What You’re Doing/The Best That I Can STRAY Live Wire/Take A Life/One Night In Texas/Stone Free



DATE: May 20, 1977 PLACE: Brunel University, Uxbridge PRICE: 80p (Get a) Grip (on yourself), Sometimes, Feel like a wog, Dagenham Dave, Something better change, Peaches, No more heroes, Hanging around, London Lady, Down in the Sewer, Peasant in the big shitty, Straighten Out Support: London Young, Everyone’s a winner, Fashionable, Speed Speed, Need a …

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