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DATE: December 6, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.25 Heavy Metal Thunder/See The Light Shining/Backs To The Wall/Hungry Years/Rainbow Theme/Frozen Rainbow/Strong Arm Of The Law/747 (Strangers In The Night)/20,000 Feet/Freeway Mad/Dallas 1pm/Stand Up And Be Counted/Stallions Of The Highway/Wheels Of Steel/Motorcycle Man/Machine Gun Support: Limelight


DATE: November 20, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.75 Ace Of Spades/Shoot You In The Back/Metropolis/Leaving Here/Over The Top/We Are The Road Crew/No Class/The Hammer/Motorhead/Bomber/Overkill Support: Weapon Had interviewed the band earlier for Blitz magazine so got in round the back. Missed Weapon because was in the dressing room backstage.


DATE: December 17, 1980 PLACE: Watersmeet Civic Centre, Rickmansworth PRICE: £2.00 Easy money, Seven horsemen, Journey, Wrong way down a one way street, Troubleshooter, Hotline to your heart, Cruisin’ Support: Hazzard No thanks, Time for leaving, Beach party, Tear down the walls, Dirty school kids



DATE: October 10, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.75 Alpha Centauri/Lettin’ Go/Long Gone/Cherry/Makin’ Moves/Only You Can Rock Me/Love To Love/Hot n’ Ready/No Place To Run/Mystery Train/Too Hot To Handle/Lights Out/Rock Bottom/Doctor Doctor/Shoot Shoot Fist Name Rank And Serial Number/Forever Amber/Axe Man/Terminus/One Percenters/You’ll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those/Hole In The Wall Gang



DATE: October 9, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £2.50 Outside World/Life At The Hop/Respectable St/Living Through Another Cuba/Generals And Majors/Mecanik Dancing/No Language In Our Lungs/Battery Brides/This Is Pop/Towers Of London/Making Plans For Nigel/ Crowded Room/Are You Receiving Me/ Dance Band/Statue Of Liberty Support: 3 minutes Switchblades/3 minutes/Doom City/Fantastic Light/Automatic Kids/Time/Will You Dance With Me/I …

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ozzy osbourne

DATE: October 1, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.50 I Don’t Know/You Lookin’ At Me, Lookin’ At You/Crazy Train/Goodbye To Romance/No Bone Movies/Suicide Solution/Mr. Crowley/Revelation (Mother Earth)/Iron Man/Steal Away (The Night)/Paranoid Budgie Breaking The House Rules/Crime Against The World/Napoleon Bona Parts 1 & 2/Wildfire/Panzer Division Destroyed/Forearm Smash/Breadfan/In For The Kill


DATE: August 23, 1980 PLACE: Watersmeet Civic Centre, Rickmansworth PRICE: £2.25 Rich City Kids, Praying Mantis, Panic in the streets, Lovers to the grave, Children of the earth, Captured city, Flirting with suicide Support: Vardis Out of the way, Destiny, Situation negative, Let’s go, If I were king


DATE: August 19, 1980 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.85 Doctor doctor, Street kids, Black mac, My number, Little miss Ann, Old dogs, My old brother Bill, White prophet, This town, Hollywood tease, Overnight angels, Born to be wild, Nice n’ Nasty Support: Taurus Shy girl, Never had time for love, Stop, High horse, Fast car, Paper …

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DATE: August 9, 1980 PLACE: St. Albans City Hall PRICE: £2.00 Demolition Boys, Tush, Not for sale, Nothing to lose, Race with the devil, Midnight ride, Baby Doll, Breakdown, Emergency, Livewire, Take it all away, Tush Support: More Lord of twilight, Atomic masters, Soldier, Depression, Way of the world, Road rocket, Don’t turn your back …

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DATE: August 2, 1980 PLACE: Watersmeet Civic Centre, Rickmansworth PRICE: £2.00 Give ‘em hell, Ready to roll, The divine victim, Gettin’ heavy, In the stars, Unto the ages of the ages, Did I do the right thing? Wake up screaming, Pay now, love later Support: Bleak House Stallion, Rainbow warrior, Inquisition, One in the eye