Category: Brave Rival


Date: May 25, 2024 Venue: Dingwall’s Price: £27.00 Digging Up The Dirt/Tough It Out/Killed By Love/Someday (You’ll Come Running)/Don’t Need Another Heartache/Everytime I Think Of You/Out Of The Blue/The Dream That Died/Synchronized/Say It Like It Is/Closer To Heaven/Does It Feel Like Love/That Girl/Bad Luck/Hot Wired/Turn This Car Around/Story Of My Life/Burning My Heart Down/Other Side …

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Date: May 4 2024 Venue: Half Moon Putney Price: £15.00 Run And Hide/Bad Choices/Guilty Love/Damn Your Eyes/Fool Of You/Five Years On/Heart Attack/On The Next Round/Insane /Fairytale/Stars Upon My Scars/Sink Or Swim/What’s Your Name Again?


Date: April 6 2023 Venue: Half Moon Putney Price: £12.00 Run And Hide/Guilty Love/Secrets/Magnetic/Damn Your Eyes/Come Down/For The Ones/The Sound Of Silence/All I Can Think About/Fool Of You/Fairy Tale/Thin Ice/Insane/Whole Lotta Love/Break Me/What’s Your Name Again?