DATE: October 6, 2010

PLACE: Borderline

PRICE: £12.50


Move a Mountain/Dirt finger/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/Free at last/Harry Farr/Skin/Double Six/Ghostwriter/24/7/Time machine/Jericho/After the storm/Houdini/Percy the Pimp/I believe it/Buying Time/All in your mind/Hallelujah/Rock n Roll

Former singers Steve Gadd and Pete Dyer each did a turn. A Hamer Flying V was raffled. My ticket was number 99. The winner was no.98 – a housewife from Basingstoke with no interest in the prize and clearly no guitar player. Tragedy!

Del Bromham


  1. Hi there Kevin, really sorry you didn’t get my ‘V’. That was really bad luck, just one number out! The lady who won it, says she might auction it and give the money to charity although I don’t think her husband will be that impressed as his been following the band since the 70’s and I think he want’s it. Got a feeling I might be named in a potential divorce case!!!
    Anyway all the best …. Del

    • Kevin Duncan on October 11, 2010 at 10:27 am
    • Reply

    Brilliant to hear from you – you are sharp on social media!

    Yes, that could be awkward. The bloke will want it on the wall and his partner will want to shift it – nightmare!

    No complaints from me about not winning it – it’s my Flying V at the top of the blog and I have too many guitars anyway.

    My mate and I used to play Leave It Down To Us and One Night in Texas in our teenage band. Check the blog for the Stray gigs we saw you at years ago!

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