Date: February 1 2020

Venue: Omeara

Price: £15.00

Find My Way Home/Sistamamalover/Things That I’ve Said/How Long/Nothing From Nothing/Nobody Else/Can’t Stop Thinking About You/Get You Back/Nothing Like The Last Time/It’s You/Fade/Angeline


    • Dave Hart on February 3, 2020 at 10:17 am
    • Reply

    I was here! In fact, I made you come to it. Thought he was good. Great guitar tone, some nice songs and I love Omeara. Did veer off into some Jazz Club nonsense every now and then though didn’t it?! But I can overlook that, well worth it. Seen a lot worse for a lot more than 15 quid nowadays!

    1. Absolutely. Good value at £15. As you say, the occasional extended Hendrix departure, and when bands drop down to nearly acoustic level, there’s always some jazz enthusiast in the crowd who starts shushing. Good recommendation!

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