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Ten Best Guitar Performances

1. STEVE VAI, DAVID LEE ROTH, March 1, 1991, Wembley Arena

Staggering histrionics, including playing two necks at once on a heart-shaped guitar with arrows shot into it – one right-handed, the other left.

2. EDDIE VAN HALEN, VAN HALEN, April 28, 1993, Wembley Arena

The master of the whammy bar in full flight.

3. RANDY RHOADS, OZZY OSBOURNE, October 1, 1980, New Theatre, Oxford

RIP Randy. He was on fire with his spotted Flying V.

4. JOHN SYKES, THIN LIZZY, November 29, 2000, Shepherds Bush Empire

This boy can play effortlessly whilst sounding vocally just like Phil Lynott.

5. JEFF HEALEY, JEFF HEALEY BAND, April 21, 1995, Shepherds Bush Empire

RIP Jeff. Blind, and played with the guitar on his knee so all chord shapes are upside down. Brilliant.

6. BRIAN ROBERTSON, THIN LIZZY, July 11, 1976, Hammersmith Odeon

Self-destructive Glaswegian raw talent. Live and Dangerous in the flesh.

7. MARK KNOPFLER, DIRE STRAITS, April 11, 1978, Marquee

Before he started wearing a silly headband, his Stratocaster touch was phenomenal at close hand.

8. BUDDIE GUY, May 28, 1996, Shepherds Bush Empire

Came thundering through the crowd with his brass section behind.

9. JOE PERRY, AEROSMITH, June 24, 2007, Hyde Park

Down on his knees doing slide guitar to Draw the Line. Watch the master.

10. GYPIE MAYO, DR. FEELGOOD, December 3, 1979, New Theatre, Oxford

Underrated Feelgood guitarist. His solo to Shotgun was phenomenal.

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