Date: March 28 2017

Venue: Roundhouse

Price: £24.00

Fire In The Hole/Six Ways To Sunday/Good One Comin’ On/Crimson Moon/Waiting For The Thunder/Rock And Roll Again/Pretty Little Lie/Let It Burn/Sleeping Dogs/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Mountain Jam/Starship Trooper/Shakin’ Hands With Holy Ghost/The Whippoorwill/Up In Smoke/Ain’t Got The Blues/Payback’s A Bitch/Free On The Wing/Restless/One Horse Town/Like An Arrow/Street Fighting Man/What Comes Naturally/Ain’t Much Left Of Me/Three Little Birds


Restless Hearts/Low Lives In High Definition/Gypsy Rose/Hallucination Generation/Going Back To Georgia/So Many Nights/Stone Cold Love/Heart Fulla Rock N Roll/1975



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