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Date: October 9 2015 Venue: Indigo2 Price: £30.00 Get Back Up/The Old Apartment/Odds Are/Barenaked Rap/Gonna Walk/Matter Of Time/Brian Wilson/Narrow Streets/Who Can It Be Now?/Falling For The First Time/You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet/Did I Say That Out Loud?/Passcode/Light Up My Room/Be My Yoko Ono*/Duct Tape Heart/Pinch Me/Big Bang Theory Theme/One Week/If I Had $1,000,000/Medley (I’m Not …

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Colin Hay

Date: June 16 2012 Place: Bush Hall Price: £20.00 Wayfaring Sons/Who Can It Be Now?/Beautiful World/Gathering Mercury/Family Man/Going Somewhere/Maggie/Far From Home/Dear Father/Goodnight Romeo/Send Somebody/Prison Time/I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You/Are You Looking At Me?/Overkill/Waiting for My Real Life to Begin/Down Under