Category: Feeder


Date: March 17 2018 Venue: Brixton Academy Price: £30.00 Feeling A Moment/Shatter/Renegades/Pushing The Senses/Lost & Found/High/Universe Of Life/Insomnia/Stereo World/Figure You Out/Piece By Piece/Tender/Eskimo/Come Back Around/My Perfect Day/Cement/Borders/Just The Way I’m Feeling/Buck Rogers/Silent Cry/Children Of The Sun/Yesterday Went Too Soon/Turn/Seven Days In The Sun/Just A Day  


DATE: December 3, 2001 PLACE: Café de Paris Feeder: Buck Rogers, Under the weather Shed Seven: Getting better, Cry for help Thin Lizzy: Jailbreak, Rosalie, The boys are back in town