Category: Kentish Town Forum


Date: December 4 2023 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £51.40 It (’s A Monster)/Decadence Dance/#Rebel/Rest In Peace/Hip Today/Teacher’s Pet/Flesh ‘n’ Blood/Wind Me Up/Kid Ego/We Will Rock You/Play With Me/Other Side Of The Rainbow/Hole Hearted/Cupid’s Dead/Am I Ever Gonna Change/Thicker Than Blood/Midnight Express/Hurricane/More Than Words/Banshee/Take Us Alive/That’s All Right/Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee/Get The Funk Out/Small …

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Date: September 9 2022 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £38.00 Death Is Not The End/We Are It/Come Back To What You Know/My Weakness Is None of Your Business/Up/Someday/All You Good Good People/How To Be A Person Like Other People/Nature’s Law/Run Away With Me/Rubble/Refugees/Gravity/Ashes/The Terms Of My Surrender/Never/Fireworks/The Good Will Out


Date: July 6 2022 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £32.70 All Over The Road/Young Love/Pressure And Time/Only One/Get Mine/Save Me/Burn Down Los Angeles/Gypsy Heart/White Noise/Face Of Light/Too Bad/Open My Eyes/Electric Man/Jordan/Shooting Stars/Feral Roots/Do Your Worst/Nobody Wants To Die Dirty Honey Gypsy/Break You/Heartbreaker/The Wire/Tied Up/California Dreamin’/Another Last Time/When I’m Gone/Rolling 7s


Date: June 8 2022 Venue: Forum Kentish Town Price: £25.00 Billy Ringo In The Dark/Slow Ride Argument/Thoughts And Prayers/Ramon Casiano/Lookout Mountain/Gravity’s Gone/Welcome To Club Xiii/Every Single Storied Flameout/The Driver/Made Up English Oceans/Rosemary With A Bible And A Gun/One Of These Days/Ronnie And Neil/Women Without Whiskey/Hell No, I Ain’t Happy/Marry Me/We Will Never Wake You Up …

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Date: June 4 2019 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £37.50 JONNY LANG Freight Train/Signs /A Quitter Never Wins/Snakes /Still Rainin’/Bring Me Back Home /Angel Of Mercy/Lie To Me WALTER TROUT Me, My Guitar And The Blues/Ride Till I’m Satisfied/Almost Gone/Sadie/Playin’ Hideaway/Red Sun /Bullfrog Blues ALL STAR JAM including KRIS BARRAS Gambler’s Blues/Goin’ Down


Date: March 17 2017 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £26.00 Heavy Fire/Bloodshot/The Killer Instinct/Dancing With the Wrong Girl/Soldierstown/Hey Judas/When the Night Comes In/Cold War Love/All Hell Breaks Loose/The Boys Are Back in Town/Hoodoo Voodoo/Who Rides the Tiger/Blindsided/Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed/Testify or Say Goodbye/Kingdom of the Lost/Bound for Glory/Finest Hour GUN Let It …

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Date: July 29 2016 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £27.50 This Ain’t The Summer Of Love/True Confessions/(Don’t Fear) The Reaper/E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) The Revenge Of Vera Gemini/Sinful Love/Tattoo Vampire/Morning Final/Tenderloin/Debbie Denise   Dominance And Submission/Golden Age of Leather/OD’d On Life Itself/Burnin’ For You/Harvest Moon The Vigil/Lips In The Hills/Buck’s Boogie/Then Came The Last Days …

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Date: April 13 2016 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £25.00 “Performing the music of the 13th Floor Elevators” Fire Engine/Earthquake/Tried to Hide/Splash 1/Slip Inside This House /You Don’t Know (How Young You Are)/Bull Of The Woods/Monkey Island/She Lives (In a Time of Her Own)/You Gotta Take That Girl/Kingdom of Heaven (Is Within You)/(I’ve Got) Levitation/Roller …

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Date: January 31 2016 Venue: Kentish Town Forum Price: £23.50 Oblivion/Captain Love/We Are One/Hot Streak/How Long/Time Machine/Empire/Fire/Think It Over/The Other Side/Ghost Town/I’m No Angel/Elevate/Moonage Daydream/Regret/Desire


Date: January 27 2016 Venue: Forum Kentish Town Price: £17.00 Ziggy Stardust/Three Bulleits/Oh Lorraine/Midnight Black/Be Lucky/Modern Massacre/Magnify/Pride/Ain’t No Telling/The Sun And The Moon Roll Around Too Soon/Smouldering/White Bear/Get Yourself Free/Only Friend/Take It Back/Battle Lines/I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind/A Pleasant Peace I Feel/Lovers And Fighters