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Date: November 15 2023 Venue: London Palladium Price: £73.50 The Wild One/I May Be Too Young/Daytona Demon/Tear Me Apart/Shine A Light/Stumblin’ In/48 Crash/No Soul/No Control/The Devil In Me/Slow Down/Rockin’ In The Free World/Can I Be Your Girl?/Motor City Riders/I Sold My Soul Today/Bad Moon Rising/She’s In Love With You/Overload/Too Big/Glycerine Queen/Bass Solo/Can The Can/Devil Gate …

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Date: November 9 2023 Venue: London Palladium Price: £50.00 King Midas In Reverse/I Can’t Let Go/Jennifer Eccles/Sorry Suzanne/On A Carousel/Gasoline Alley Bred/Magic Woman Touch/Weakness/Here I Go Again/I Can’t Tell The Bottom From The Top/Just One Look/Stay/Look Through Any Window/The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee/Yes I Will/Bus Stop/I’m Alive/The Baby/Sandy (4th July, …

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Date: November 4 2022 Venue: London Palladium Price: £56.70 Playing With My Emotions/Ain’t That Something/I Am The Moon/Gin House Blues/Do I Look Worried/Keep On Growing/Midnight In Harlem/Yes We Will


Date: April 20 2022 Venue: London Palladium Price: £130.00 Russians/Message In A Bottle/If I Ever Lose My Faith In You/If You Love Somebody Set Them Free/Englishman In New York/Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic/If It’s Love/For Her Love/Loving You/Rushing Water/I Hung My Head/Fields Of Gold/Brand New Day/Shape Of My Heart/Wrapped Around Your Finger/Walking On …

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10 CC

Date: April 3 2022 Venue: London Palladium Price: £49.70 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper/Art For Art’s Sake/Life Is A Minestrone/Good Morning Judge/The Dean And I/Old Wild Men/Clockwork Creep/Feel The Benefit/The Wall Street Shuffle/Standing Next To Me/The Things We Do For Love/Say The Word/Silly Love/Somewhere In Hollywood/Baron Samedi/I’m Mandy Fly Me/I’m Not In Love/Dreadlock …

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Date: November 22 2019 Venue: London Palladium Price: £56.50 My Salvation/Question Of Faith/Loving Every Minute/Put My Heart On You/Lifted/Goodbye Heartbreak/Run/Lost In Space/Live Again/Postcard From Heaven/Who’s Gonna Save Me Now?/Raincloud/Ocean Drive/Clouds/High/The Streetlights And The Rain/I Wish I Could Know How It Would Feel (To Be Free)/One


Date: May 25 2019 Venue: London Palladium Price: £53.75 HOWARD JONES Hide And Seek/Transform/Take Us Higher/Equality/No One Is To Blame/Beating Mr. Neg/Everlasting Love/Hero In Your Eyes/At The Speed Of Love/The Human Touch/Life In One Day/Like To Get To Know You Well/Tin Man Song/The One To Love You/What Is Love?/New Song/Things Can Only Get Better/Stay With …

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