Category: UCL Bloomsbury


Eric Bibb

DATE: Nov 22, 2004 PLACE: UCL Bloomsbury PRICE: £19.50 Runaway soul, Cross over, Death Come A Knockin (Travelling Shoes), Sebastian’s Tune, Connected, Saucer And Cup, Grateful, For You, Champagne Habits, The Cape, Tell Riley, Going Down Slow, Needed Time, I Don’t Mind, Dance Me To The End Of Love, Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your …

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Bill Nelson

DATE: OCT 31, 2004 PLACE: UCL Bloomsbury PRICE: £20 Small red birds, Sexy Buddah, For Stuart, October man, Night creatures, God man slave, I am somewhere else, Slumberlite, Adventures in Yorkshire Landscape, Furniture music, Lovers are mortal, Life in your hands, Crying to the sky, Visions of endless hopes, Yellow moon, Don’t touch me (I’m …

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Bruce hornsby

DATE: Sep 13, 2004 PLACE: UCL Bloomsbury PRICE: £23.00 Resting place, Talk of the town, The end of the innocence, Walk in the sun, Hooray for Tom, Harbor lights, Halycon days, Gonna be some changes made, Shadow hand, The way it is, Sticks and stones, Fortunate son, Comfortably numb, Twelve tone tune, King of the …

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