DATE: August 6th 2010

PLACE: Half Moon Putney

Here I stand/The girl with the name/Faithless/Charlotte/Bloody as Fur/All the myths on Sunday/Bell of hope/Jackie’s still sad/Fall to love/While the world cries decency/Out of nowhere/I want no mystery/Natural things/Silver girl/There’s a grace/Like princes do/Not broken/Little red book/Mr soul/Someday/When the hoodoo comes/The waking hour

LIKE PRINCES DO. Yes, that’s me on bass.




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  2. Keep working ,impressive job!

    • Smelly on January 3, 2011 at 12:59 pm
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    Hey, I was at this gig. What a star Kev was; the band were missing their bassist thru’ illness (our thoughts to him big time) and Kev basically said ‘Hey, I play bass if you need a stand in’ .. not thinking much of it … until he was called up on stage for several tracks. This (awesome) band were WELL impressed by such boldness. And the boy can play. Great things happening to great persons. Pleased it’s been added here.
    A fan.

    1. Cheers Mel!

      If I’d known it was going to happen I might have had one less pint in the curry house. But then again, maybe I wouldn’t have had the nerve…

      Great fun all round.

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