DATE: March 20, 2008


PRICE: £110


How long, Busy being fabulous, I don’t want to hear anymore, Guilty of the crime, Hotel California, Peaceful easy feeling, I can’t tell you why, One of these nights, Lyin eyes, Boys of summer, In the city, The long run, No more walks in the woods, Waiting in the weeds, No more cloudy days, Love will keep us alive, Take it to the limit, Long road out of Eden, Somebody, Walk away, Witchy woman, Life’s been good, Dirty laundry, Funk 49, Heartache tonight, Life in the fast lane, Rocky mountain way, All she wants to do is dance, Take it easy, Desperado.


  1. Great. Enjoyable concert, brave to get Hotel California out of the way about three songs in, and good to hear some of the solo songs as well from Don Henley and Joe Walsh. Still don’t really understand fully-seated concerts, sure the band are old, but some of us can still stand!

  2. Much hilarity as I recall when the the three large ladies stood up in the first track. After much shushing from the people behind, one of them turned round with the immortal words: “I paid a hundred quid for this ticket so I’ll fucking dance if I want to!” Then the rest of the crowd were up for the duration.

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