DATE: Jun 16, 2009

PLACE: Jazz Club Soho

PRICE: £22


Dr Jekyll & Mr Hide, City home, Going to the city, Meet me at no special place, If you only knew, You are my sunshine, What’s your movie, Ever since the world ended, Your mind is on vacation, Who’s hot?, Stranger in my own home town, Monsters of the ID, Your red wagon, Hello there universe, You call it jogging, If I were a catfish, How does it feel (to be good looking), Who’s loving you now, You can’t push people around, Ask me nice, Wild romance, Look what you made me do, Tell me something, Your molecular structure, One of these days, If you’ve got the money (I’ve got the time), Everybody’s cryin’ mercy, Wild man on the loose, Gettin’ there, That’s the stuff you gotta watch, Ever since I stole the blues, Parchman farm.

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