Date: October 15 2011

Venue: Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham

Price £8.00

Something Better Change/Duchess/Skin Deep/Hanging Around/Strange Little Girl/Mean To Me/Nice ‘n’ Sleazy/Walk On By/96 Tears/Always The Sun/Golden Brown/Princess of the Streets/Go Buddy Go/Peaches


  1. A good evening in Gillingham…..the finale was an encore with 6 members of Blondee and 4 members of the Stranglers Banned (I think Pete was asleep in the Public Bar) playing the Tide is High. So I did learn something this evening ….B, E and F#!

  2. After seeing the guy throw up in the gents, it was a relief to bump into the weirdo at the bar ordering his Jagerbomb and Nobby’s Nuts combo….

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