Category: Roundhouse

Nov 05


DATE: November 4 2017 VENUE: Roundhouse PRICE: £42.50 Even The Losers/Soulfire/I’m Coming Back/Blues Is My Business/Love On The Wrong Side Of Town/Until The Good Is Gone/Angel Eyes/Some Things Just Don’t Change/Saint Valentine’s Day/Standing In The Line Of Fire/I Saw The Light/The City Weeps Tonight/Down And Out In New York City/Princess Of Little Italy/Solidarity/Leonard Peltier/I Am …

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Jun 17


Date: June 16 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £35.00   THE SKIDS Animation/Of One Skin/Melancholy Soldiers/Thanatos/Dulce et Decorum Est (Pro Patria Mori)/Working For The Yankee Dollar/The Saints Are Coming/Scared To Dance/Charles/The Olympian/Out Of Town/Hurry On Boys/A Woman In Winter/Circus Games/Masquerade/Into The Valley/Charade/TV Stars/A World On Fire/Of One Skin   THE VAPORS News at Ten/Prisoners/One Of My …

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Mar 29


Date: March 28 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £24.00 Fire In The Hole/Six Ways To Sunday/Good One Comin’ On/Crimson Moon/Waiting For The Thunder/Rock And Roll Again/Pretty Little Lie/Let It Burn/Sleeping Dogs/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Mountain Jam/Starship Trooper/Shakin’ Hands With Holy Ghost/The Whippoorwill/Up In Smoke/Ain’t Got The Blues/Payback’s A Bitch/Free On The Wing/Restless/One Horse Town/Like An Arrow/Street …

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Mar 04


Date: March 3 2017 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £24.00 Surrender Under Protest/Darkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn/Uncle Frank/Ronnie And Neil/Kinky Hypocrite/The Living Bubba/Sounds Better In The Song/Guns of Umpqua/Ramon Casiano/Sink Hole/Women Without Whiskey/Ever South/Made Up English Oceans/The Righteous Path/Filthy and Fried/Where The Devil Don’t Stay/Gravity’s Gone/Lookout Mountain/Girls Who Smoke/What It Means/Once They Banned Imagine/Let There …

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Sep 10


DATE: September 9 2016 VENUE: Roundhouse PRICE: £32.50 Boomerang/Duct Tape Heart/Easy/Roundhouse Rap/Gonna Walk/Four Seconds/Pure Imagination/Passcode/The Old Apartment/She Blinded Me With Science/Did I Say That Out Loud?/No One Is To Blame (Howard Jones)Odds Are/Hello City/Happy Hour/Narrow Streets/Silverball/Sound of Your Voice/Be My Yoko Ono/Brian Wilson/Pinch Me/Big Bang Theory Theme/One Week/If I Had $1,000,000/Barenaked Rap: Lean On Me/My …

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Apr 02


Date: April 1 2015 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £18.50 Electric Man/Good Luck/Secret/Play The Fool/Manifest Destiny, Part 1/Torture/Nava/Long As I Can See The Light/Burn Down Los Angeles/The Man Who Wasn’t There/White Noise/Rich And The Poor/Belle Starr/Where I’ve Been/Tell Me Something/Open My Eyes/Pressure and Time/Keep On Swinging    

Dec 17


Date: December 16 2014 Venue: Roundhouse Price: £35.00 Yes/Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart /Of Walking Abortion/She Is Suffering/Archives of Pain/Revol/4st 7lb/Mausoleum/Faster/This Is Yesterday/Die in the Summertime /The Intense Humming of Evil/P.C.P. Anthem For A Lost Cause/Motorcycle Emptiness/Dreaming A City (Hughesovka)/You Stole The Sun From My Heart/1985/Europa Geht Durch Mich/If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Donkeys/Futurology/Divine Youth/You …

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Nov 23


DATE: 11th November 2010 VENUE: The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm PRICE: £14 Alice Springs/Half In Love with Elizabeth/Serotonin/Lady Gray/Young Love/Melt/Hand me down/After dark/Hideaway/Flash a hungry smile/The girl is gone/Two doors down/Dreaming of another world/Behind the bunhouse/Show me the light/Veiled in grey/Flakes