DATE: December 8 2011

VENUE: O2 Arena

PRICE: £45.00


House Arrest/Somebody/Here I Am/All I Want Is You/Can’t Stop This Thing We Started /Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven/I’m Ready/Hearts On Fire/Do I Have To Say The Words?/18 Till I Die/Back to You/Summer of ’69/Is Your Mama Gonna Miss You/If You Want To Leave Me/Touch The Hand/(Everything I Do) I Do It for You/Cuts Like a Knife/It’s Only Love/Depend On Me/When You’re Gone/Heaven/The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You/Cloud #9/Run to You/There Will Never Be Another Tonight/The Way You Make Me Feel/Straight from the Heart/All For Love



  1. Extraordinary scenes when the gok wan look alike came on to sing the Mel C bit of When You’re Gone. Quite good gig, but had a bit of an end-of-term feel about it, a few dropped notes from Fast Fingers guitar player and some awkward jams. Was generally distracted by the 50’s haircuts. BA looked like the Duke of Edinburgh! Possibly a bit cheeky to end on an acoustic encore. Got to go out on a high surely! On the whole though, he’s got enough hits to make it an enjoyable night.

  2. Yes the charity-winning eunuch gave an extraordinary rendition of When You’re Gone, providing a strange “Charity Fund Raiser” feel to what should have been a straight rock gig. And the medley with the drummer using kitchen utensils as a kit was plain daft. Keith Scott’s ricket was almost certainly caused by the disastrous use of a capo, fooling him into thinking he was in a different key – a bit lax and last-nightish. Fun though…

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