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Date: January 24 2023 Venue: The Garage Price: £15.00 Gypsy/Break You/Heartbreaker/The Wire/Scars /Tied Up/Last Child/No Warning/Down The Road/Ride On/Let’s Go Crazy/California Dreamin’/Another Last Time/When I’m Gone/Rolling 7s


DATE: April 18 2015 VENUE: The Garage PRICE: £23.00 Looking For Linda/I Refuse/My Salt Heart/The Last Stop/Violently/Remembrance And Gold/Three Foot Blasts Of Fire/Just Say You Love Me/Ordinary Angel/It Happened Here/Martha/The Conversation/Headin’ For A Fall/Labour Of Love/Mother Glasgow/The Man With The Child In His Eyes/She Makes A Sound      


Date: December 8 2014 Venue: Garage Price: £20.00 Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding/One More Chance To Run/Rock And Roll Queen/Drivin’ Sister/Whizz Kid/Storm/Overnight Angels/One Of The Boys/Shouting And Pointing/Sea Diver/The Journey/Who Do You Love/Crash Street Kidds/Violence/England Rocks/Good Times


Date: November 20 2014 Venue: Garage Price: £12.50 Alley Cat/Bang Of A Gun/Honey/Goin’ Down/Jezebel/Devil Girl/Cheap Whisky/Stone Me Sober/Blind Alley/We All Do Bad Sometimes/Honest Boy/My Baby Don’t Dance/Give Me Your Cash/The Bittersweet/Leave This Long-Haired Country Boy Alone VIDEO CLIPS CHEAP WHISKY SOLO 1 CHEAP WHISKY SOLO 2


DATE: February 22 2014 VENUE: Garage, Highbury PRICE: £20.00 SPIN DOCTORS If The River Was Whiskey/Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong/ Nice Talking To Me/Cleopatra’s Cat/Refrigerator Car/Jimmy Olsen’s Blues/Traction Blues/Some Other Man Instead/Off My Line/Shinbone Alley/About a Train/What Time Is It?/Two Princes/Scotch and Water Blues/Yo Mama’s a Pajama DODGY In a Room/Shadows/So Let Me Go Far/Good …

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Date: Dec 11 2013 Venue: The Garage Price: £15.00 14 Stations/Something To Believe In/Don’t Say It’s Over/Seems Like I’m Losing You/Money (Everybody Loves Her)/One Wrong Turn/Higher Ground/Money To Burn/Break the Silence/Better Days/Inside Out/Word Up/Steal Your Fire/Welcome to the Real World/Shame on You



DATE: October 28 2011 VENUE: Relentless Garage PRICE: £15.00 THE ANSWER Under The Sky/On And On/Trouble/Vida (I Want You)/Tornado/Evil Man/Too Far Gone/Nowhere Freeway/Piece By Piece/Preachin’/Why’d You Change Your Mind/One More Revival/Rock n Roll Outlaw/Waste Your Tears GENTLEMAN’S PISTOLS Living In Sin Again/Comfortably Crazy/Widow Maker/Some Girls Don’t Know What’s Good For Them/Sherman Tank/I Wouldn’t Let You/The …

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Bachman Turner

DATE: Jun 7, 2010 PLACE: Relentless Garage PRICE: £17.50 Let it ride, Rock in my life and this is my song, Hold back the water, Hey you, Moonlight rider, Looking out for #1, Not fragile, Stayed awake all night, American woman, Four wheel drive, Slave to the rhythm, Blue collar, Rolling along, Taking care of …

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DATE: Feb 15, 2010 PLACE: Relentless Garage PRICE: £17.50 Turn on your receiver, Miss misery, Bad bad boy, The gathering, Shanghai’d in Shanghai, My white bicycle, Hair of the dog, Hearts grown cold, Love hurts, Holiday, Broken down angel, Razamataz, See me, This flight tonight.


Uriah Heep

DATE: Nov 4, 2009 PLACE: Relentless Garage PRICE: £12 Wake The Sleeper/Overload/Stealin’/Sunrise/Book Of Lies/What Kind Of God/Gypsy/Look At Yourself/Angels Walk With You/Shadows/Tears Of The World/Lady In Black/July Morning/The Magician’s Birthday/Easy Livin’