Category: Spin Doctors


Date: January 29 2018 Venue: The Islington Price: £10.00     Angels And One-Armed Jugglers/Mabel/Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong/April And May/Darken My Door/You’re Gonna (Need Someone)/Raining Again/Still A Beautiful World/Spiderman/Gigantor/Two Princes  Chris and Dave


DATE: February 22 2014 VENUE: Garage, Highbury PRICE: £20.00 SPIN DOCTORS If The River Was Whiskey/Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong/ Nice Talking To Me/Cleopatra’s Cat/Refrigerator Car/Jimmy Olsen’s Blues/Traction Blues/Some Other Man Instead/Off My Line/Shinbone Alley/About a Train/What Time Is It?/Two Princes/Scotch and Water Blues/Yo Mama’s a Pajama DODGY In a Room/Shadows/So Let Me Go Far/Good …

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