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DATE: December 2 2017 VENUE: Camden Underworld PRICE: £18.00 LIONHEART Prelude/Give Me The Light/Hot Tonight/Prisoner/Towers Of Silver/Die For Love/Angels With Dirty Faces/30 Years/Anytime /Don’t Pay The Ferryman/Heartbeat Radio/Lionheart   AIRRACE Caught In The Game/Not Really Me/Eyes Like Ice/Didn’t Wanna Lose Ya/I Don’t Care/Come With Us/Promise To Call/One Step Ahead/Men From The Boys/First One Over the …

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DATE: January 10, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Piece Of The Action/Bad Time Girls/Stayin’ Mean/Thunder And Lightning/Fallen Hero/Lionheart/Devils In You/Rockin’ For You/Sweet Little Rock n’ Roller/Burning Fingers Sirus Story Of Lust/Back Street Woman/Mainliner/Losing Time