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John Mayer

DATE: October 20, 2002 PLACE: Marquee Islington PRICE: £8.00 No Such Thing/Why Georgia/My Stupid Mouth/83/Your Body Is A Wonderland/Neon/City Love/3X5/Love Song For No One/Back To You/Great Indoors/King Of Pain/Boys Just Wanna Have Fun/Not Myself/St. Patrick’s Day


DATE: November 5, 1986 PLACE: Marquee Out of my head, Wait, You, Heartbreaker, Heartbeat away, Don’t wanna be lonely, Don’t be a hero, Running hot, Soldier boy


DATE: March 13, 1986 PLACE: Marquee Set: Funny Business, Lost and found, Feel it again, Bad attitude, What does it take, Words in the wind, Staying the light, Wave babies, One by one, All along you knew, Got a new girl now, Wounded, Now that you’ve got me, Burning in love Support: Outside Edge Out …

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DATE: August 27, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Death instinct, La grande illusion, Mr. Comedy, Le Sauvetage, Get out your claws, La solitude, Pick me up put me down, Anti social, Paris is still burning



DATE: August 15, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £2.50 Wasted youth, Heartbreak America, Nice n’ tasty, Little Miss Ann, Overnight angels, Ice in the blood, Icy blue, Old dogs, Strawberries, Standard romance, My number, Thru the twilight, Sweet kids, Doctor doctor, Nineteen, Born to be wild, Hollywood tease Support: Sapphire I love rock n’ roll, Ain’t …

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DATE: July 7, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £2.50 Panic in the streets, Running for tomorrow, Beads of ebony, Lovers to the grave, 30 pieces of silver, Cheated, Give me a reason, Flirting with suicide, Children of the earth, Praying mantis, Captured city


DATE: January 10, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Piece Of The Action/Bad Time Girls/Stayin’ Mean/Thunder And Lightning/Fallen Hero/Lionheart/Devils In You/Rockin’ For You/Sweet Little Rock n’ Roller/Burning Fingers Sirus Story Of Lust/Back Street Woman/Mainliner/Losing Time


DATE: August 19, 1980 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.85 Doctor doctor, Street kids, Black mac, My number, Little miss Ann, Old dogs, My old brother Bill, White prophet, This town, Hollywood tease, Overnight angels, Born to be wild, Nice n’ Nasty Support: Taurus Shy girl, Never had time for love, Stop, High horse, Fast car, Paper …

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DATE: July 20, 1980 PLACE: Marquee Sweet Danger, Flight 19, Angel of Death, Confused, Guillotine, Angel witch, Baphomet, Atlantis, White witch, Hades paradise, The sorcerer, I noticed her eyes More: Road Rocket, Depression, Way of the World, Aromic Masters, Soldier, Lord of Twilight, Don’t turn your back


  DATE: July 19, 1980 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.75 No fright (2x), Competition, Hit & Run driver, Lone cat, Power, Don’t bite the hand, One more show, First night every night, Tagesschaw, Red light is on, Thinking of you, Castlenau, Break of day, Broken Glass