Category: Praying Mantis


DATE: July 7, 1981 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £2.50 Panic in the streets, Running for tomorrow, Beads of ebony, Lovers to the grave, 30 pieces of silver, Cheated, Give me a reason, Flirting with suicide, Children of the earth, Praying mantis, Captured city


DATE: August 23, 1980 PLACE: Watersmeet Civic Centre, Rickmansworth PRICE: £2.25 Rich City Kids, Praying Mantis, Panic in the streets, Lovers to the grave, Children of the earth, Captured city, Flirting with suicide Support: Vardis Out of the way, Destiny, Situation negative, Let’s go, If I were king


praying mantis

DATE: June 28, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.00 Sanctuary, Remember tomorrow, Prowler, Transylvania, Strange world, Running free, Another life, Phantom of the opera, Charlotte the harlot, Iron maiden, Drifter, Killers, I got the fire, Wrathchild Support: Praying Mantis High Roller, Lovers to the grave, Praying mantis, Captured city, Ripper, Rich city kids