Category: The Inmates



DATE: March 29, 2002 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £8.00 Security, She’s done rocking, Thing called love, Am I still your man, Precious blue, Caroline, The walk, Find another fool, I thought I heard a heartbeat, Some kinda wonderful, Dead red roses, Too hot, Back in the USSR, I’m down, Dirty water, Sweet nothing


Bo Diddley

DATE: November 11, 2001 PLACE: Astoria PRICE: £17.50 Bo Diddley, Detour, Roadrunner, I’m a man, Bad seed, Who do you love? I played with them all, Hey Bo Diddley (Debby Hastings band)


DATE: January 10, 1998 PLACE: Half Moon Putney Talkin bout you, The walk, Wait stop a minute, Thought I heard a heartbeat, I asked for water, Some kinda wonderful, The hunter, Sweet nothing, Don’t feel bad for the shape I’m in, Red red roses, Bye bye Johnny, Dirty water