DATE: March 27, 2008

PLACE: Bush Hall

PRICE: £17

Justin Currie

What is love for, Something in that mess, Gold dust, Tell her this, As long as you don’t come back, Still in love, Always the last to know, Spit in the rain, Be my downfall, Not where it’s at, If I ever loved you, Nothing ever happens, No surrender, Driving with the brakes on.


  1. Another one I came to you with. Seem to remember that I slightly overshot the peer on the pre-match lagers and had to make an emergency exit halfway through to get some food, causing me to miss “Be My Downfall”. He was pretty good though… from what I remember.

  2. Yup. Chicken in a box was required halfway through, a part of which you dropped in the hallway by the bar. Happy times…

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