DATE: April 18, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: 50p

the look

Joan, Little book, Superman, Radio Ronnie, I saw her standing there, Cherry runaway, Laugh, Take me for what I am, Cashier craze, On the beat, Identikit, I spy, Nothing on you, She won’t respond, It’ll be me, Spanish holiday, Chemical depression

Support: The Press

One night stand, Gambler, Down the road apiece, Turning bad, Falling down drunk, I need some luck, Leaving for the USA, Back seat, Grab what you can, Drive fast cars, Sweet little R&R, River deep, Steal your thunder, Margate ’65, Tonight/Carol


DATE: April 11, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: 65p

dire straits

Down To The Waterline/Six Blade Knife/In The Gallery/Eastbound Train/Easy Easy/Water Of Love/Lions/Real Girl/Setting Me Up/Sultans Of Swing/Me And My Friends/Wild West End/Something Else To Do

Charlie Aden Band

Jungle Rock/Walk/I’m Angry/In Trouble With The Law/New York New York/Blow Baby Blow/In The Heat Of The Night


DATE: April 8, 1978

PLACE: Nashville

PRICE: £1.00

radio stars

Good personality, Is it really necessary, Eric, Talkin’ bout you, Nervous Wreck, Dirty Pictures, From a rabbit, Johnny Mekon, Beast of Barnsley, No Russians in Russia, Macaroni n’ Mice, Elvis is dead boring (let’s rot), Box 29

Support: The Skids

Reasons, Charles, Test tube babies, TV stars, Scared to dance, Take a walk on the wild side, Of one skin

Met Lemmy of Motorhead


DATE: March 26, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.00

the saints

Run down, This perfect day, Stranded, Messin’ with the kid, No time, Demolition girl, Nights in Venice, Know your product, Do the robot, Orstralia, River Deep Mountain High, Stranded

Support: Coventry Automatics

It’s Up To You, Day Walker, Blank Expression

Coventry Automatics later became The Specials


DATE: February 18, 1978

PLACE: Friars, Aylesbury

PRICE: £1.95

eddie and the hotrods

That’s what I want, Telephone Girl, What’s really going on, Quit this town, Ignore them, Life on the line, 96 tears, Do anything you wanna do, Beginning of the end, Get our of Denver, Gimme Money, Schoolgirl


Sex Master, Bang bang, Strong in reason, She’s so ugly, The call, Backtrack

Radio Stars

Good personality, Talkin’ bout you, Beast of Barnsley, Is it really necessary, Eric, Arthur, Nervous wreck, Macaroni n’ mice, Johnny Mekon, No Russians in Russia, Dirty Pictures


DATE: January 21, 1978

PLACE: Dunstable Civic Hall

PRICE: £1.50

judas priest

Exciter, White heat, Red hot, The Ripper, Sinner, Savage, Better by you, better than me, Diamonds and rust, Victim of changes, Beyond the realms of death, Genocide, Starbreaker, Tyrant

Support: The English Assassin

Back in the slam, Wildfire, Roadskid, Get crazy, Honky Tonk Women, Last of the dudes


DATE: January 21, 1978

PLACE: Friars, Aylesbury

PRICE: £1.45

I can tell, Don’t munchen it, Drinkin’ Wine, Spo’De ‘O’ D, Sweet love on my mind, Gibson Martin fender

Support: No Dice

Till you do what they say, You can’t help yourself, Murder in the rain, In the jailhouse, Angel, Why Sugar, Someone else’s girl, Happy in the Skoolyard, Down and Dry, Shadows


DATE: January 6, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: 60p

no dice

Why Sugar, People that make the music, You can’t help yourself, Happy in the skoolyard, Fooling, So why I, Murder in the rain, In the Jailhouse, Someone else’s girl, Angel, Slow Down, Down and Dry

Support: Checkmate

Breaking through, Cry for me, Avant Garde Hero, Figures


DATE: January 2, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.00

the boys

Cop Cars, Tonight, Box Number, Tenement Kids, Tumble With Me, Soda Pressing, No Money, TCP, Do the Contract Hustle, I Don’t Care, First Time, Not Ready, Sick On You, Living In The City, The Worm Song


DATE: December 23, 1977

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.50

the motors

Bring in the morning light, Freeze, Cold love, You beat the hell out of me, Be what you gotta be, Emergency, Dancing the night away, Phoney heaven, Encore: Whisky and Wine, Sweet Little Rock n’Roller

Support: Bazoomi’s

Summertime Blues, Bundle, Pusher, Hot Stations, Rabies