Category: O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire


Date: October 12 2019 Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire Price: £34.00 Another State Of Grace/The Killer Instinct/All Hell Breaks Loose Testify Or Say Goodbye/Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down Ticket To Rise/Hey Judas/In The Shadow Of The War Machine Soldierstown/Why Do You Love Your Guns?/Blindsided/Bloodshot Ain’t The End Of The World/When The Night Comes In Underneath …

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Date: April 26 2019 Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire Price: £38.75 American Pie/The Golden Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll/Lounge Lizard/Alice/Honaloochie Boogie/Rest In Peace/I Wish I Was Your Mother/Pearl ‘n’ Roy/Sucker/Sweet Jane/Rose/Walking With A Mountain/Roll Away The Stone/Marionette/Jerkin’ Crocus/One Of The Boys/Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen/Crash Street Kidds/Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On/Mean Woman Blues/ Johnny B.Goode/Violence/Cleveland Rocks/You Really …

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Date: April 4 2019 Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire Price: £28.25 Mother Mary/We Belong To The Night/Run Boy Run/Venus /Lights Out/Baby Blue/Only You Can Rock Me/Burn Your House Down/Cherry/Love To Love/Makin’ Moves/Too Hot To Handle/Rock Bottom/Doctor Doctor/Shoot Shoot


Date: November 15 2018 Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire Price: £32.50 Nobody Gives A Damn/Good One Comin’ On/Six Ways To Sunday/Waiting For The Thunder/Let It Burn/Best Seat In The House/Medicate My Mind/Sleeping Dogs/Come Together/Shakin’ Hands With The Holy Ghost/Things Goin’ On/Restless/Till The Wheels Fall Off/Up The Road/Run Away From It All/Ain’t Gonna Wait/Dirty Old Town/Ain’t Got …

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Date: November 16 2018 Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire Price: £32.50 Let Me Help You (Find The Door)/Leave A Scar/Good One Comin’ On/Workin’ For A Workin’ Man/Wish In One Hand/Waiting For The Thunder/Pretty Little Lie/Rock And Roll Again/Believe You Me/Sleeping Dogs/Come Together/Run Away From It All/The Whippoorwill/Payback’s A Bitch/Everybody Knows She’s Mine/Ain’t Got The Blues/Lord Strike …

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Date: January 17 2018 Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire Price: £21.00 (She Don’t) Gimme No Lovin’/Waking Up/You Stopped The Rain/Broken/A Long History Of Love/Lose Control/Rush Hour/Long Time Running/Find Your Way Home/Stranger To Love/Crazy/All Your Life/Let Love In


DATE: November 2 2017 VENUE: Shepherd’s Bush Empire PRICE: £35.00   Searching For Freedom/Into The Arena/Let Sleeping Dogs Lie/Victim Of Illusion/Cry For The Nations/Attack Of The Mad Axeman/Armed And Ready/Coast To Coast/Desert Song/Dancer/Assault Attack/Captain Nemo/No Time For Losers/Save Yourself/Bad Boys/Love Is Not A Game/Rock Bottom/Doctor Doctor/Shoot Shoot/Natural Thing/Lights Out    


DATE: July 7 2017 VENUE: Shepherds Bush Empire PRICE: £33.50   Señor Blues/Don’t Leave Me Here/Government Cheese/That’s Who I Am/Queen Bee/Life Is Beautiful/Diving Duck Blues/Every Morning/Am I Wrong/She Just Wants to Dance/Take A Giant Step/Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes/The Worst is Yet To Come/She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride/Om Sweet …

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Date: Feb 26 2017 Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire Price: £20.00 I’m In Love/Radio/Hold On/It’s All In My Mind/Thin Air/Verisimilitude/The Darkest Part Of The Night/Don’t Look Back/My Uptight Life/The First Sight/Dumb Dumb Dumb/About You/I Need Direction/Did I Say/Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From/Ain’t That Enough/I Don’t Want Control Of You/Sparky’s Dream The Concept/Going …

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Date: May 13 2014 Venue: Shepherds Bush Empire Price: £21.50 Made Up English Oceans/Girls Who Smoke/Primer Coat/Pauline Hawkins/Carl Perkins’ Cadillac/Box of Spiders/Pulaski/Ronnie And Neil /Shit Shots Count/Lookout Mountain/Natural Light/18 Wheels Of Love/Get Downtown/Hell No, I Ain’t Happy /Marry Me /Let There Be Rock /Zip City /Grand Canyon