DATE: March 29, 1979

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.50

the skids

Of one skin (2x), Melancholy soldiers, Charles, Into the valley (2x), Scale, Six times, Integral plot, TV Stars, Scared to dance, Hope and glory, Saints are coming, Night & day, Reasons, Walk on the wild side, All the young dudes

Support: The Ruts

Life is a savage circle, Criminal mind, Babylon’s burning, It was cold, Blackmans pinch, I ain’t sophisticated, Eat your heart out, Sus, H-eyes, Out of order, In a rut


DATE: March 7, 1979

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.50

wild horses

The Dealer, The Rapist, Man in the shadows, One phone call a week, Shame, Nights on the town, Retribution, Woman, Reservation, Saturday night, Street girl, The kid, Lead me on

Support: Harry Grabin

Black magic woman, Scarlet lady


DATE: March 3, 1979

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.50

the members

Handling the big jets, Frustrated, Bagshot, Stand up and spit, Physical love, Phone-in show, Live in a lift, Soho a go-go, Solitary confinement, Chelsea night club, Sound of the suburbs

Support: The Dials

Waste of time, Boring, Nowhere


DATE: February 15, 1979

PLACE: Hammersmith Odeon

PRICE: £3.00


Let It Roll/Natural Thing/Out In The Street/Hot n’ Ready/Cherry/On With The Action/Doctor Doctor/Only You Can Rock Me/Love To Love/Lights Out/Rock Bottom/Too Hot To Handle/Shoot Shoot

Support: Liar


DATE: February 8, 1979

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.25

the skids

Of one skin, Scared to Dance, Charles, Sweet Suburbia, All the young dudes, Night and day, The saints are coming, Walk on the wild side, Into the valley, TV Stars, Melancholy Soldiers, Six times, Calling the tone, Scale

Support: The Tracks

See you later, Gonna be a pop star, My baby, One track mind

Spoke to Ricky Jobson and Nicky Tesco of the Members


DATE: December 30, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £2.00

no dice

Come dancing, Happy in the Skoolyard, You can’t help yourself, Angel, Why sugar, Shooting in the dark, Keep it to myself, In the jailhouse

Support: Harry Rabin

My babe, Magnolia, Make your money green


DATE: December 27, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.60



The only track I can remember is Child in Time


Don’t know how to rock n’ roll, Feels so good, Indian Dream, Fool, Back streets of heaven


DATE: December 12, 1978

PLACE: Corndolly, Oxford

Night train, Sweet rock n’roll, Day tripper, Lady driver, Annabella, Never happened at all, Route 66

I was up for interview at Oxford and ripped my trousers climbing over the fence back into college after I had been locked out.


DATE: October 29, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: 85p

the yachts

On and on, Look back in love (and not anger), Mantovani’s music, The yachting types, Hypnotising lies, Secret agent, Suffice to say

Support: Deadringer

Money, Down to the river, Population boom


DATE: August 8, 1978

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.40

steve hillage

Saucer Surfing, Searching for the Spark, Octave Doctors, Salmon Song, Palm Trees, Light in the sky, It’s getting better, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Radio, Sun Song, Lunar Musick Suite, Unidentified (flying being), The glorious Om riff, It’s all too much, Electrick Gypsies

Recorded for a live album