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DATE: December 28, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Doctor, Take me dancing, Sweet kids, My number, Do you love me, The things you say, You really got me, American Heartbreak, Hollywood tease, Strawberries, Speed, Lovely Lorraine, Little Miss Ann


the ruts

DATE: December 17, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.75 Savage Circle/Dope For Guns/I Ain’t Sophisticated/SUS/Babylon’s Burning/H-eyes/JaH Wars/Demolition Dancing (2x)/It Was Cold/You’re Just A…/Back Biter/Out Of Order/Criminal Mind/In A Rut/Human Punk/ Do Ya Think I’m Sexy/Society Support: The Imaginations Tokyo/Battersea Anti-Cats League



DATE: December 3, 1979 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.00 Going back home, Stupidity, Java Blue, Night time, Put him out of your mind, Back in the night, Pretty face,  Riding on the L&N, Hong Kong money, Milk & Alcohol, Baby Jane, Shotgun, Down at the doctors, She’s a wind up, Johnny B Goode with …

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marshall tucker

DATE: August 4, 1979 PLACE: Santa Barbara County Bowl, California PRICE: $6.00 Heard It In A love song/This Ol’ Cowboy/Running Like The Wind/Unto These Hills/Ramblin’/Fire On The Mountain/24 Hours At A Time/Last Of The Singing Cowboys/My Best Friend/Searchin’ For A Rainbow/Can’t You See Climax Blues Band Summer Rain/Children Of The Nighttime/Couldn’t Get It Right/Fallen In …

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The damned

DATE: June 10, 1979 PLACE: Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead PRICE: £1.75 Stretcher Case/Looking At You/Born To Kill/Ballroom Blitz/Problem Child/Suicide/Noise Noise/I’m A Burglar/Stab Your Back/Second Time Around/Black Night/Neat Neat Neat/Love Song/New Rose/So Messed Up/Help/I Feel Alright/Pretty Vacant/New Rose The Ruts Life Is A Savage Circle/H-eyes/SUS/Something That I Said/Babylon’s Burning/Criminal Mind/I Ain’t Sophisticated/Out Of Order/In A Rut/Society


wild horses

DATE: April 16, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 The Dealer, The Rapist, Woman, Man in the Shadows, One call a week, Lead me on, Retribution, Nights on the Town, Shame, Street girl, Blackmail, Reservation, The Kid, Saturday night Support: Blazer Blazer Ain’t that so, Ladies and gents, She’s so divine, Stand back, Misdemeanour


the skids

DATE: March 29, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Of One Skin (2x)/Melancholy Soldiers/Charles/Into The Valley (2x)/Scale/Six Times/Integral Plot/TV Stars/Scared To Dance/Hope And Glory/ The Saints Are Coming/Night & Day/Reasons, Walk On The Wild Side/ All The Young Dudes Support: The Ruts Life Is A Savage Circle/Criminal Mind/Babylon’s Burning/It Was Cold/Blackmans Pinch/I Ain’t Sophisticated/Eat Your Heart …

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wild horses

DATE: March 7, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 The Dealer, The Rapist, Man in the shadows, One phone call a week, Shame, Nights on the town, Retribution, Woman, Reservation, Saturday night, Street girl, The kid, Lead me on Support: Harry Grabin Black magic woman, Scarlet lady


the members

DATE: March 3, 1979 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Handling the big jets, Frustrated, Bagshot, Stand up and spit, Physical love, Phone-in show, Live in a lift, Soho a go-go, Solitary confinement, Chelsea night club, Sound of the suburbs Support: The Dials Waste of time, Boring, Nowhere



DATE: February 15, 1979 PLACE: Hammersmith Odeon PRICE: £3.00 Let It Roll/Natural Thing/Out In The Street/Hot n’ Ready/Cherry/On With The Action/Doctor Doctor/Only You Can Rock Me/Love To Love/Lights Out/Rock Bottom/Too Hot To Handle/Shoot Shoot Support: Liar