DATE: April 16, 1979

PLACE: Marquee

PRICE: £1.50

wild horses

The Dealer, The Rapist, Woman, Man in the Shadows, One call a week, Lead me on, Retribution, Nights on the Town, Shame, Street girl, Blackmail, Reservation, The Kid, Saturday night

Support: Blazer Blazer

Ain’t that so, Ladies and gents, She’s so divine, Stand back, Misdemeanour


  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing these set lists. I admin the Wild Horses Facebook page and am researching the band. Do you happen to have any photos of these gigs or anything else relating to WH? Plus, would it be ok to use your ticket scans on the page? I would credit you of course and provide a link to your blog.
    Best wishes,

  2. Good to hear from you. You are fast – I only put the test blog up a day
    or two ago.

    Yes to everything – feel free to use all the stuff and cross-link.

    I have sent you another small Marquee flier extract and we are in luck –
    there’s a review plus photo in my scrapbook which I have sent on a separate
    email. I’ve also posted them here.

    I assume you have both the albums and all the photos that go with them…

    Rock on….

  3. Thanks for those bits and bobs, Kevin! I’ve added them to the page with a link to this fab blog 🙂 I do have pictures from both albums but if you do have a better image of the photo from the inside sleeve of ‘Stand Your Ground’ I’d be grateful to see it. Mine is a very poor digital camera photo. Thanks again!

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