Category: The Borderline


DATE: December 9 2010 VENUE: Borderline PRICE: £14.00 Saturday/Baby Loves You/We’re all Alright/The Beast/Heaven Or Hell/Right By Your Side/Time To Let You Go/Come Together/Fly High Michelle/New Thing


Del Bromham

DATE: October 6, 2010 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £12.50 Move a Mountain/Dirt finger/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/Free at last/Harry Farr/Skin/Double Six/Ghostwriter/24/7/Time machine/Jericho/After the storm/Houdini/Percy the Pimp/I believe it/Buying Time/All in your mind/Hallelujah/Rock n Roll Former singers Steve Gadd and Pete Dyer each did a turn. A Hamer Flying V was raffled. My ticket was number 99. The winner …

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The Trews

DATE: October 3, 2007 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £6.50 Every inambition, Sweetness, Fleeting trust, So she’s leaving, I can’t say, Paranoid freak, Tired of waiting, These arms of mine, I can’t stop laughing, Poor o’ brokenhearted me, Not ready to go, Got myself to blame, 30 days in the hole, Burning wheels.


Seasick steve

DATE: Mar 25, 2007 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £1o Cut my wings/Hobo blues/Sorry Mr Jesus/Things go up/Lost po’ man/Love thang/Fallen off a rock/Hobo low/Save me/Doghouse boogie.


DATE: Sep 15, 2006 PLACE: Borderline Cosmic jazz/Runaway/Lorelei/Sorrel/ Walking the Reeperbahm/ Warrior/Outward bound/Lifeline/Time was/You see red/Rescue me/Blowin free/Jailbait.


Glenn Tilbrook

DATE: Jan 21, 2005 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £18 Hot shaved Asian teens, Third rail, Slightly drunk, Up the junction, By the light of the cash machine, Walk away, Hostage, This is where you ain’t, Parallel world, Some fantastic place, Take me I’m yours, Hourglass, Piccadilly, Annie get your gun, Is that love, Goodbye girl, Pulling …

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DATE: January 14, 2004 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £6.00 What you give, Sometimes, She’s the bomb, Spiritual, It doesn’t matter, How you’ve changed, Something getting to, When it comes, Shame, Revolution, I shall be released, Go and get it