Category: Stray


Date: November 29 2019 Venue: 100 Club Price: £17.50 Del Bromham’s Blues Devils Let’s Get The Show Started/House Of Love/Slave/Genevieve/The Ballad Of JD Stray Canned Boogie/Leave It Out/Come On Over/Somebody Called You/Jericho/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/Double Six/I Believe It/Houdini/After The Storm/Suicide/All In Your Mind



DATE: July 22 2011 VENUE: Stag Arts Centre, Sevenoaks PRICE: £12.00 Move a Mountain/ Skin/ After The Storm/ Time Machine/Jericho/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/Free At Last/Harry Farr/ I Believe It/Houdini/Buying Time/All In Your Mind Support: Leafhound, Black Water


Del Bromham

DATE: October 6, 2010 PLACE: Borderline PRICE: £12.50 Move a Mountain/Dirt finger/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/Free at last/Harry Farr/Skin/Double Six/Ghostwriter/24/7/Time machine/Jericho/After the storm/Houdini/Percy the Pimp/I believe it/Buying Time/All in your mind/Hallelujah/Rock n Roll Former singers Steve Gadd and Pete Dyer each did a turn. A Hamer Flying V was raffled. My ticket was number 99. The winner …

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DATE: Summer, 1983 PLACE: Fulham Greyhound One night in Texas, Feel like I’ve been here before, Take a life, Houdini, Percy the pimp, Leave it out



DATE: December 9, 1977 PLACE: Brunel University, Uxbridge PRICE: 80p Smile, One night In Texas, Livewire, Take A Life, Houdini, Stone Free, Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before, Percy the Pimp, How Could I Forget You? Support: Strife Shockproof, School, Feels so good, You don’t know, Number one, Back streets of heaven, Indian Dream


DATE: June 4, 1977 PLACE: Hammersmith Odeon PRICE: £2.00 Bastille Day/Anthem/Lakeside Park/2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx/Presentation/Soliloquy/Grand Finale/Something For Nothing/By-Tor And The Snow Dog/The Necromaniac/Zanadu/Working Man/Finding My way/Fly By Night/In The Mood/What You’re Doing/The Best That I Can STRAY Live Wire/Take A Life/One Night In Texas/Stone Free