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no dice

DATE: December 30, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £2.00 Come dancing, Happy in the Skoolyard, You can’t help yourself, Angel, Why sugar, Shooting in the dark, Keep it to myself, In the jailhouse Support: Harry Rabin My babe, Magnolia, Make your money green



DATE: December 27, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.60   The only track I can remember is Child in Time Strife: Don’t know how to rock n’ roll, Feels so good, Indian Dream, Fool, Back streets of heaven


DATE: December 12, 1978 PLACE: Corndolly, Oxford Night train, Sweet rock n’roll, Day tripper, Lady driver, Annabella, Never happened at all, Route 66 I was up for interview at Oxford and ripped my trousers climbing over the fence back into college after I had been locked out.


the yachts

DATE: October 29, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: 85p On and on, Look back in love (and not anger), Mantovani’s music, The yachting types, Hypnotising lies, Secret agent, Suffice to say Support: Deadringer Money, Down to the river, Population boom


steve hillage

DATE: August 8, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.40 Saucer Surfing, Searching for the Spark, Octave Doctors, Salmon Song, Palm Trees, Light in the sky, It’s getting better, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Radio, Sun Song, Lunar Musick Suite, Unidentified (flying being), The glorious Om riff, It’s all too much, Electrick Gypsies Recorded for a live album


the rezillos

DATE: June 28, 1978 PLACE: Town Hall High Wycombe PRICE: £1.50 Flying Saucer attack, No, Somebody’s gonna get their head kicked in tonight, Top of the pops, It gets me, Can’t stand my baby, (my baby does) good sculptures, I like it, Getting me down, Smoke on the water, Twist and shout, Ballroom blitz, I …

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the motors

DATE: June 28, 1978 PLACE: Brunel University, Uxbridge PRICE: £1.60 Bring in the Morning light, Sensation, Cold love, Mama Rock n’ roller, Emergency, You beat the hell outa me, Be what you gotta be, Phoney heaven, Dancin’ the night away/ Airport, I can’t forget about you, Whisky and wine Support: The Jolt Numbers Include: I’m …

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the look

DATE: April 18, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: 50p Joan, Little book, Superman, Radio Ronnie, I saw her standing there, Cherry runaway, Laugh, Take me for what I am, Cashier craze, On the beat, Identikit, I spy, Nothing on you, She won’t respond, It’ll be me, Spanish holiday, Chemical depression Support: The Press One night stand, …

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DATE: April 11, 1978 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: 65p Down To The Waterline/Six Blade Knife/In The Gallery/Eastbound Train/Easy Easy/Water Of Love/Lions/Real Girl/Setting Me Up/Sultans Of Swing/Me And My Friends/Wild West End/Something Else To Do Charlie Aden Band Jungle Rock/Walk/I’m Angry/In Trouble With The Law/New York New York/Blow Baby Blow/In The Heat Of The Night


radio stars

DATE: April 8, 1978 PLACE: Nashville PRICE: £1.00 Good personality, Is it really necessary, Eric, Talkin’ bout you, Nervous Wreck, Dirty Pictures, From a rabbit, Johnny Mekon, Beast of Barnsley, No Russians in Russia, Macaroni n’ Mice, Elvis is dead boring (let’s rot), Box 29 Support: The Skids Reasons, Charles, Test tube babies, TV stars, …

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