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def leppard

DATE: April 26, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £2.50 When The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down/It Could Be You/Rock Brigade/Satellite/Medicine Man/Answer To The Master/When The Rain Falls/Sorrow Is A Woman/Good Morning Freedom/It Don’t Matter/Overture/Lady Strange/Rocks off/Hello America/Wasted/Ride Into The Sun Magnum Reborn/If I Could Live forever/Invasion/So Cold The Night/All Of My Life/Changes/The Great Adventure/Kingdom Of …

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DATE: April 2, 1980 PLACE: Rainbow, Finsbury Park PRICE: £3.00 Sweet Talker, Me and you, Walkin’ in the shadow of the blues, Ready and willing, Lovehunter, Mistreated, Fool for your loving, Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, Don’t take A with you, Lying down Breakdown, Come on Support: Saxon Still fit to …

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DATE: February 1, 1980 PLACE: Birmingham University PRICE: £1.40 Bad Boys, Come dancing, Why sugar, Happy in the skoolyard, In the jailhouse, Memphis Tennessee Support: Electrotunes Go somewhere warm Had a long chat with the band



DATE: January 20, 1980 PLACE: New Theatre Oxford PRICE: £3.25 Alpha Centauri/Lettin’ Go/No Place To Run/Cherry/Out In The Street/Mystery Train/Only You Can Rock Me/Love To Love/Too Hot To Handle/Lights Out/Doctor Doctor/Rock Bottom/Shoot Shoot GIRL: Doctor Doctor/Take Me Dancing/Sweet Kids/My Number/Do You Love Me/The Things You Say/You Really Got Me/American Heartbreak/Hollywood Tease/Strawberries/Speed/Lovely Lorraine/Little Miss Ann


DATE: January 11, 1980 PLACE: Marquee PRICE: £1.50 Doctor, Take me dancing, Sweet kids, My number, Do you love me, The things you say, You really got me, American Heartbreak, Hollywood tease, Strawberries, Speed, Lovely Lorraine, Little Miss Ann