Category: Friars Aylesbury


DATE: August 1, 1980 PLACE: Friars Aylesbury PRICE: £2.00 Demolition Boys, Tush, Not for sale, Nothing to lose, Take it all away, Race with the devil, Baby Doll, Breakdown, Midnight ride, Emergency, Tush, Livewire Angel Witch Sweet danger, Flight 19, Atlantis, Sorcerer, Confused, Guillotine, I noticed her eyes, White witch, Angel of death, Baphomet, Angel …

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eddie and the hotrods

DATE: February 18, 1978 PLACE: Friars, Aylesbury PRICE: £1.95 EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS That’s What I Want/Telephone Girl/What’s Really Going On/Quit This Town/Ignore Them/Life On The Line/96 Tears/Do Anything You Wanna Do/Beginning Of The End/Get Out Of Denver/Gimme Money/Schoolgirl SQUEEZE Sex Master/Bang Bang/Strong In Reason/She’s So Ugly/The Call/Backtrack RADIO STARS Good Personality/Talkin’ ‘Bout You/The …

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DATE: January 21, 1978 PLACE: Friars, Aylesbury PRICE: £1.45 I can tell, Don’t munchen it, Drinkin’ Wine, Spo’De ‘O’ D, Sweet love on my mind, Gibson Martin fender Support: No Dice Till you do what they say, You can’t help yourself, Murder in the rain, In the jailhouse, Angel, Why Sugar, Someone else’s girl, Happy …

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